What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is here to listen, to create a judgement free zone where you can fully express your dreams and aspirations.  Together we’ll work on action plans to bring them to fruition through defined goals.  With friends and family one often finds oneself spending more time defending choices in lieu of defining them.  Your coach is your partner and confidential resource through the transformation process that you define.  Together we craft your path, stretching the bounds of your imagination as we skilfully manifest your incredible new reality where you attain your goals.


What is a Wellness & Stress Reduction Coach?

A Wellness & Stress Reduction Coach is just like a Life Coach with the addition of bringing more wellbeing into your life to reduce stress through exercises and Eastern techniques bringing together the three layers – Body, Speech and Mind.  When we bring Wellness into your coaching sessions we work with a variety of exercises and attainable methods to decrease stress, increase calm, and shift your self-awareness – how you relate to, perceive others and the world around you.  We believe a miracle is a shift in perception.  Together we honour your own unique evolutionary process as we clarify your vision, bringing it to life through a defined plan of action. Work with us to manifest your most incredible self!


Getting Started

Working with a coach inspires confidence and clarity in defining your goals and actively pursuing them through a system of accountability. Life is a series of challenges, how we deal with them defines who we are. Your first 30 minute coaching session is our gift to you. Then we can choose a classic plan to move forward or tailor one to suit your needs. If you prefer, you can also be coached from session to session without a package.  See our FAQ section for additional details or Contact us directly.