Yoga Therapy


Shana found the yogic path as part of her therapy, practicing to heal both serious injuries and chronic pain.  A near-fatal accident shifted her life in 2007, she has spent four years rehabilitating every joint in her body and continues to work everyday toward her own recovery and maintenance.  This unique perspective, provides her with extreme empathy for the trials and challenges of her clients.  She dedicates her teaching to the healing of individuals with injuries, chronic pain, different abilities, special needs and those who cannot seem to find the space to give their brains a much needed respite.

Initially trained as a Patanjala yoga teacher (a hybrid of Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Iyengar styles) Shana continues to avidly pursue her studies of kinaesthetic anatomy and movement based therapies to bring her clients as much relief as possible.  She is also a certified Chair Yoga teacher, enabling her to effectively work with many individuals who would not be able to practice on a standard yoga mat and for people that are dependent on a wheelchair or other assistance.  In addition she incorporates techniques from Oki-do Yoga into her practice and with her coaching clients; including the wonderfully contagious Laughing Yoga and the very functional and remarkably effective Finger Yoga.  She is grateful to bring this work to those in need and dedicates her practice and teaching to all of the incredible guides that have shaped her passion and given her the will to live when even the most positive attitude was shrouded in an overwhelming shadow of hopelessness.  A wonderful Chinese proverb states, ‎"When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills."  Shana has built many windmills and encourages her Yoga Therapy clients and students to find the beauty in life and living; and to build their own windmills harnessing the brilliant energy and vitality of precious life.  Om Shantih