Corporate Seminars and Workshops

Through our customised workshops and seminars we transform individuals and employees into effective team members by developing calm, clear communication skills, decreasing stress and formulating a positive work environment.  Bridging Eastern Philosophy with the Western workplace and mindspace we exponentially increase productivity by decreasing unnecessary tension and building a constructive, supportive community.

Workshops can be tailored to suit the participants, engineering an oasis of calm for all.  Harvard Business School Club of NY refers to our seminars as “unique, informative and engaging life skills events.” As an example, in “The Three Layers: Body, Speech & Mind” we teach attainable methods to adjust ourselves in each layer; bringing balance and deeper understanding to each individual, from how they operate in the daily workplace, to handling high-maintenance/high-touch situations and dealing with high stress communications.

The art of Calm Communication lifts the spirits of individuals and those they work with, fostering more powerful relations and manifesting an infinitely more productive atmosphere in the Western workplace environment. 

Sample Seminar and Workshop Topics

  • Living Well, Being Well
  • Demystifying Feng Shui
  • Mindful Stress Reduction
  • Basic Attainable Meditation
  • Sleep and Mindful Well-Being
  • The Ergonomics of Habitual Use
  • Simple Everyday Stress Reduction
  • The Three Layers: Body, Speech and Mind
  • B.R.O.W.S.E.  The Art of Calm Communication
  • Bridging Mentalities: East Meets West in the Western Workplace


For more information and to discuss what we can do for your company, group, or how we can enhance your conference with one of our uplifting, interactive sessions or workshops please contact us directly at or +1 212 366 1586