Reiki & Shinkiko

Rev. Shana is a Reiki Master and Shinkiko therapist.  She does not presently offer individual healing sessions with clients.  She does incorporate techniques and concepts from her training and practice into her Wellness and Stress Reduction coaching and wellness workshops and seminars. She teaches Tibetan Usui System Reiki to private groups and enjoys sharing these wonderful modalities of healing with others.  If you are interested in studying Reiki, please contact Shana directly for more information.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy -- Called Ki in Japanese or Qi (Chi) in Chinese. A Reiki Master is a person that has been trained and attuned to this specific line of Ki/Qi energy from the Universe. Reiki sessions involve direct application of Ki/Qi for the purpose of strengthening the clients energy system, reducing stress and promoting relaxation. 


What is Shinkiko?

Shinkiko is a system of healing developed by the late Dr. Masato Nakagawa. Shinkiko is the study of the non-physical world (e.g.: Ki energy, mind/heart (Kokoro), and spirit) and how it relates to the physical world (e.g.: illnesses, our body or environment). Shinkiko energy is one of the various Universal energies which has a vibrational nature and heightens our life energy or Ki. When this is consciously incorporated into our lives it reduces stress, we feel more relaxed and have a healthier perspective when relating to the world around us with a lighter mind. As we shift our relationship to all that is around us, we begin to improve other aspects of life; problems with finances, family, relationships, politics and the environment. The reason for this phenomenon can only be understood when one starts to perceive that they all come from the same source, Ki, the Universal intangible life force energy that cannot be measured by science, the foundation for all living beings and things. When you go for a walk in nature or spend time on the beach, you increase your Ki energy, feel more relaxed, and healthy from all of the positive Ki energy in the environment. As our day to day lives don’t always allow us the freedom of a sojourn in nature, we learn through the practice of Shinkiko to bring brightening Ki energy to ourselves wherever we are.